Continuo is pleased to announce “Delta” by Kate Bicât (1978 London) at Veemkade 570, Amsterdam. The opening will be on Thursday 4th of July at 19:00.

A free, dramatic and intuitive style characterises this combination of abstract, and the more recent figurative, works on display. Through a pallet of earthy tones with definitions of black paint and charcoal, fragments of figures emerge from the void, which seem to possess a mysterious wisdom or truth that is both mythical and current.

Kate Bicât draws inspiration from archaeological and anthropological artefacts, ceremonial rituals and objects, mystical iconography and old myths. One of which, the golem, the creature in Jewish folklore magically brought to life out of clay, surfaces frequently in her work. Painting is for Bicât a process of golem-making in itself; it is the attempt to bring to light something unknown, beyond the tools or medium at hand, and reveal the work that already exists, perhaps concealed, inside the materials. The Greeks called this act of bringing-forth into appearance; aletheia, disclosure, which was also a word for truth itself. Paradoxically the struggle inherent to the medium of painting is the inescapable and continual addition of material, even when the aim is to cut away and reveal the truth of the idea being expressed.

The figures who emerge from the background are sometimes half materialized, or being hidden in the entangled brushwork and colour plains. Kate Bicât initiates us into an alchemical process of creation and transmutation and lets us experience the mystical moment in which material, technique and content merge together and form an unbreakable trinity, a delta Δ - the symbol that signifies transformation.

Exhibition Opening: 4 July 19:00 - 21:00
Gallery opening hours: 5, 6 July 11:00 - 18:00, 7 July 11:00 - 17:00