Continue is pleased to announce its second pop-up exhibition ‘There is no size’ by Dan Zhu (1985) at Veemkade 570, Amsterdam. This is the first solo exhibition of the works by Dan Zhu, who is currently in her first year at the Rijksakademie.

Dan Zhu grew up in the industrial city of Shenyang in the northeast of China and started to draw as a child. Influenced by her father, who drew insects for a forest diseases and pest control company directly under the Ministry of Forestry, Zhu carefully observes the world around her and builds a precise yet mysterious taxonomy. Her works are like pages in an atlas of perspectives, where the human point of view is as important as the one of a coffee cup. The spatial logic behind the compositions is concealed but somewhat present as water bubbles escape the glass and start wandering and building a world around them. There is no dichotomy between nature and culture and no superior perspective nor size. Memories are as real as our observations of the worlds around us.

The drawings, paintings and collages on display at Continuo, are the result of her work period in Germany and her first year at the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam.