Continuo is pleased to announce the pop-up exhibition “Like Water for Faces” by Heidi Howard (1986, New York) at Veemkade 570, Amsterdam. The opening will be on Thursday 13th of June at 19:00.

On display are intimate portraits of artists and friends. The portraits are characterised by vivid colours and loose brush strokes and are deeply embedded in the tradition of Western portraiture.

Each painting is based on the unique identity, energy and personal narratives of the sitter. From the detailed texture of the garments and personal items, to references beyond the physical appearance of the subject - like the strange mosquito sitting on the armchair of Bruno Zhu. The portraits evoke a strong sense of synaesthesia - that crossing of wires in the brain that causes the senses to intertwine. Sounds become colours, and colours become sounds. While the bright paint and swirling brush strokes of Ernst Reijseger elicit a burst of vibrant music, the beds of flowers in the portrait of Liz Philips are reminiscent of the scent of a family garden.

Through her paintings, Howard accompanies the viewer in her fascination for the seductiveness of personal emotions, welcoming the viewer to her own perceptions. The investigation into the personal and the perceptual is a deeply political feminist act and a pursuit to investigate portraiture beyond the dominant male gaze. The exhibition will be on view from the 14th to the 16th of June 2019