Continuo is pleased to announce the pop-up exhibition "Certain Place" by Philipp Kremer (1981) at Veemkade 570, Amsterdam. The exhibition will be on view from 2nd to 5th of May 2019.

On display are new works on paper painted with large and swift, yet, gentle and precise brushstrokes. Philipp Kremer tells stories of human interactions that are intimate, yet uncannily public. The everyday moments of idle talk, laughter, kissing, playing with the phone or warm embracement seem to highlight a corny display of happiness at first sight.

However, when we stay longer with the paintings, some ambiguity emerges from the monochrome blush colours. The sensuality of the composition is seemingly cheerful yet melancholic and the bright colourful harmony stays on the surface. Deep in our stomach we feel a surge of wariness, excitement, melancholia and discomfort.

In another group of works, bigger brushstrokes and multiple colours show distressed faces full of anxiety and pain. The emerging white background suggests hidden and enigmatic narratives. The incompleteness of the works makes you feel there is more to it than what is shown.

In his work, Philipp Kremer confronts us with the way we interact and relate both to each other and our surroundings. Though seemingly simple in their subject matter, the formal and painterly language communicates a complex reality.